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Legal Practice Areas

Our integrity, experience and commitment to our clients have made us a top rated law firm in Arizona for over 30 years.

The attorneys at Collins & Collins, L.L.P., have been successfully providing legal representation for:

Bankruptcy Law

Top Bankruptcy Lawyers Bankruptcy refers to the legal status of a person or organization that fails to repay the its debts to owes to creditors. In most jurisdictions, bankruptcy is imposed by a court order, often initiated by the debtor. The debtor declares bankruptcy in order to obtain relief from debt, which can usually result...

Family Law

Arizona Family Law Divorce and Separation / Money and Property  Issues / Children Issues / International Family Law Our integrity, experience and commitment to our clients have made us a top rated law firm in Arizona for over 30 years. The firm was formed in 1980 and has focused always on providing excellent and personal...

Personal Injury

Arizona Personal Injury Lawyers “To force a man to pay for the violation of his own liberty is indeed an addition of insult to injury.”      Benjamin Tucker If you or a loved one has suffered injuries caused by another, our justice system provides methods for seeking redress. Although legal remedies cannot heal your injuries, they...

Criminal Law

Arizona Criminal Defense Lawyers If you have been charged with a crime, your freedom – even your life – may be at stake. You need to enlist experienced, trustworthy legal counsel who can guide you through the complexities of the law and aggressively advocate for your interests and rights. Some of the common types of...

Estate Law

Arizona Estate Lawyers Most people would rather not think about what will happen when they die. However, the ones that do think about it are able to plan so that their assets end up where they want them and their desires as to family and friends is accomplished. Collins & Collins L.L.P. can help you...

Business Law

Expert Commercial Law Firm   Our integrity, experience and commitment to our clients have made us a top rated law firm in Arizona for over 30 years. Business law in general, refers to the laws and regulations that apply to business or commercial entities, such as partnerships and corporations and that guide the way how...




We understand that when people look for legal advice they are usually suffering hardships or under great strain;  they need help and the last thing that they want is to not receive proper representation.


free legal adviceThere is no substitute for enlisting the aid of a competent and professional law firm to guide you through the intricacies of the complex legal system while advocating on your behalf.

You will find that Collins & Collins L.L.P.’s commitment to excellence in our service and legal representation begins with prompt responses to your inquiries, complete explanations of your choices and thorough preparation of your case when issues are contested.

We are a family business with strong values and ethic standards. This sets us apart from other lawyers as we really care about our clients and the good name of out family business. We focus our legal practice on delivering the best possible representation to our clients. For us, the rest is secondary.


What You can Expect from Us

At Collins & Collins, L.L.P we are selective when it comes to the cases that we take on. The reason? Simple, we want to make sure that we are able to provide or clients the best possible legal representation that we can provide in order to meet their demands and individual circumstances.

Our practice is not focused on volume, and since we are a family business, we are proud to keep it this way and we are able to promise to deliver the best possible representation to clients that we decide to take on with professionalism and the utmost respect towards them.


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